The Park East Redevelopment Plan outlines development rules and guidelines in clear, easy-to-understand terms. The elevated freeway spur is gone and with it all confusion and pretense regarding the building requirements. It’s all spelled out and organized to assist you.

Development projects will be reviewed by the City of Milwaukee Department of City Development to ensure compliance with the standards available to you in the Development Code.

Sample of general standards:

Permitted Uses:

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Retail/Service
  • Entertainment/Accommodations
  • Industrial

 Limited Uses:

  • Parking
  • Industrial/Utility/Storage

 Building Height:

  • Ground floor no less than 12 feet from finished floor to finished ceiling
  • Landmark building heights have taller minimum and maximum height requirements
  • Allowable minimum building height for additions to existing buildings is the height of the existing building

Build-to Line:

  • Requirements vary between 0 and 15 feet based on the amount of street activation
  • Building facades must occupy 100% of the Build-to-Line within 50 ft. of the property corner
  • Large-venue buildings can deviate from requirements within this 50 ft. distance to the property corner

Building Composition:

  • Street-level facades must include visual features and design details that enrich the pedestrian experience
  • Base materials to be of high-quality, such as stone, brink, metal panel systems, and other durable materials
  • Ground floor windows be clear, non-tinted glazing between 2 ft. above grade to at least 8 ft. above grade

Site Features:

  • Prominent-locations will require special features, such as unique forms, shapes, or façade elements that can be seen from a distance to define the entrance into McKinley Avenue
  • Retaining and garden walls should be constructed of poured-in-place concrete, or stone and brick masonry
  • Site lighting should be controlled to prevent glare from the light source onto adjacent properties or the public right-of-way


  • Signs and lighting is encouraged to enhance the visual character of the street
  • Building signage must comply with the limitations as set forth in the Milwaukee Zoning Code as well as additional development site codes
  • Larger, high quality signs on Juneau Avenue and Lower Water Street are encouraged

Download Block Development Standards PDF

Redevelopment Plan Amendment No 3 & 4