Block 7 of the Park East has in the past been referred to as “Block 4W” or “Parcel 39.” The block is made up of five (5) lots: four (4) which are owned by the County totaling 73,774 sq. ft. and one (1) which is owned by the City totaling 8,246 sq. ft.

In addition to the proposed public alley of 13,388 sq. ft. overlaying a storm sewer easement running east-west providing drainage from the Marquette Interchange, there is a significant amount of Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) infrastructure beneath the northeasterly lot (Lot 2).  Easements held by MMSD may impact build options.  Any construction in the easement areas is subject to the approval of MMSD.

Past uses for the block include various manufacturing entities, a steel producer, a bottling company, a brass foundry, engraver, plating and printing companies and a gas station. Such uses indicate the potential for environmental impacts.

The site has environmental conditions typical of many urban infill sites.  To expedite the development process, the County has obtained Phase I and Phase II reports.  For more details see the following links:

  1. Appraisal Block 7
  2. Underground Piers/Footings
  3. Environmental Reports Specific to Block 7

County-owned lots:

  • 1244 North 4th Street
  • 1245 North Old World Third Street
  • 1225 North Old World Third Street
  • 1224 North 4th Street

City-owned lot:

  • 300 West Juneau Avenue