Block 4 of the Park East has in the past been referred to as “Block 3W” or “Parcel 38.” Because unconstructed 5th Street runs between Blocks 2 and 4, they are often perceived as one mega-block. Block 4 is made up of two (2) lots totaling 104,969 sq. ft.  Between the lots is a contemplated public alley of 7,388 sq. ft., running east-west overlaying a storm sewer easement providing drainage from the Marquette Interchange.

Past uses for the block include stores and dwellings, a carriage shop, an air compressor manufacturer, a tire service, an engraver and a paper and twine company.

The site has environmental conditions typical of many urban infill sites.  To expedite the development process, the County has obtained Phase I and Phase II reports.  For more details see the following links:

  1. Appraisal Block 4
  2. Underground Piers/Footings
  3. Environmental Reports Specific to Block 4

Two Lots:

  • 423 West McKinley Avenue
  • 420 West Juneau Avenue