Notice of Intent to Award – Block 22 – Wangard Partners

Block 22 of the Park East has in the past been referred to as “Block 2E” or “Parcel 124.” The block is made up of two (2) lots totaling 93,104 square feet. Between the lots is a contemplated north/south public alley of 6,551 square feet. Currently, the alley area has not been dedicated, so it can become a part of any proposed development. The block has a sloping topography with an elevation drop from N. Milwaukee Street to N. Water Street.

Past uses for the block include dwellings, flats, a cigar shop and a motor boat sales and service company. It was served as a parking lot beneath the Park East freeway when the freeway was intact.

The site has environmental concerns typical of many urban infill sites. To expedite the development process, the County has obtained Phase I and Phase II reports. For more details see the following links:

  1. Appraisal Block 22 (NOTE: A new appraisal is in progress and will be posted when available)
  2. Underground Piers/Footings
  3. Environmental Reports Specific to Block 22


  • 320 E. Ogden Avenue