Block 12

RFP Notice of Intent to Award – Block 12B – MH Exchange LLC

Block 12, Lot B of the Park East has in the past been referred to as “Block 6E” or “Parcel 148.” County’s ownership interest in Block 12, Lot B consists of 16,346 square feet.

Past uses for the block include an electric shop, a machine shop, a manufacturing facility, and a gasoline service station. It served as a parking lot beneath the Park East freeway when the freeway was intact.

The site has some environmental concerns related to its historic uses. To expedite the development process, the County has obtained a Phase II report. A private party conducted its own Phase II in 2014, which results were shared with the County.

Guidance on Multiple Parcel Plans
If a submittal includes a larger development on Adjacent Sites, the scoring for the Projected Tax Base category and the Projected Jobs Created category shall be based on the entire development, not just the development on Parcel 12B.  Adjacent Sites includes any land that is either immediately contiguous to Parcel 12 B, or separated only by a municipal street. Adjacent Sites do not include scattered site developments that are not contiguous. The Community Benefits, as defined by the sample Development Agreement will only apply to structures built on Parcel 12B. If the structure to be built on Parcel 12B is not a separate structure, Community Benefits will apply to a percentage of the larger development based on the following ratio: (building square footage on Parcel 12B)/(building square footage of total development).

For more details see the following links:

  1. Appraisal – Park East Block 12B (Note: Appraisal is subject to review of WisDOT)
  2. Underground Piers/Footings
  3. Environmental Reports Specific to Block 12B
    Phase II Subsurface Investigation – Parcel 148 (2001)
    Phase II ESA – 2014 (Private Party Contracted)


  • 1301 N. Water Street