Block 1 of the Park East has in the past been referred to as “Block 1W” or “Parcels 129 and 131.” Three (3) lots make up the block totaling 134,215 sq. ft., separated by a proposed public alley of 10,500 sq. ft. overlaying a storm sewer easement providing drainage from the Marquette Interchange. Topographically, Block 1 has a steep downward slope from west to east.

Past uses for the block include stores, offices and dwellings, an automobile salvage yard, a transmission repair company, a broom factory, a furniture company, a paint shop, a printing company, a sausage factory and a meat wholesaler and other various warehouses and garages.

The site has environmental conditions typical of many urban infill sites.  To expedite the development process, the County has obtained Phase I and Phase II reports.  For more details see the following links:

  1. Block 1 Appraisal
  2. Underground Piers/Footings
  3. Environmental Reports Specific to Block 1

Three Lots:

  • 1247 North 6th Street
  • 740 West Winnebago Street
  • 1227 North 6th Street