Rolling RFPs – Block 22 and Block 12B

Notice of Intent to Award – Request for Proposal Process No Longer Active

Block 22 – Wangard Partners Inc.

Block 12B – MH Exchange LLC

Milwaukee County has developed a rolling RFP process effective for all remaining publicly owned Park East properties, which will grant developers flexibility in defining the scope of their proposals. Rather than accepting proposals on a block-by-block basis, developers have the option of combining blocks or breaking larger blocks up by lot.

Once issued, the RFPs will remain open until all lots of Park East Block 22 and 12B are under option. Though proposals can be submitted to the County Clerk’s office (901 N. 9th St., Room 105, Milwaukee, WI 53233) at any time, they will only be reviewed once per month; the deadline for review will be 2:00 pm on the first Monday of each month.

Streamlined Submission and Review

The County and City have adopted a concurrent review process. This collaboration will ensure a smoother approval process, as City input is crucial in determining whether requests for use or design changes and financial assistance might be considered.

When evaluating each proposal the RFP requires consideration of its purchase price, a proposer’s qualifications and experience, the project’s description and design, financial feasibility, zoning readiness, green design elements, disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) goals and plans, workforce hiring goals and plans (including residential hiring and apprenticeship/job training), the projected tax base and the job creation estimates. More specific evaluation criteria can be found beginning on page 20 of the RFP.


General Review Schedule:

  1. A rotating panel of 5 economic development professionals from the Milwaukee area, including County and City staff, will review submitted proposals once a month.
  2. After receiving proposals, panel members will have 2 weeks to score them and request a group interview and/or presentation from one or more of the proposers.
  3. Interviews/presentations by the development teams, if requested, will occur in the third week following submittal.
  4. After interviews/presentations are completed, the committee can recommend, reject, or hold any proposal(s), as determined in the best interests of the County and the City.
  5. Recommended proposals will be presented at the County’s next Economic and Community Development Committee meeting, and if passed, the full County Board meeting. If City approval is needed (i.e. there is a request for financial assistance or the inclusion of City-owned land), the proposal will simultaneously cycle through the City’s Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee and the Common Council.
  6. If all goes as planned, the review and approval process will take approximately 2 months. Once approved, negotiations will begin between the developer, County and the City (if applicable), to enter into an option to purchase and define the terms of the future development agreement.  Templates of the County’s Option Agreement and Development Agreement are included in the RFP.  Any requested deviations from the template agreements should be included in the RFP response.



Rolling RFP
Attachments A – F
Attachment G – Property Description and Map
Attachment H – Development Code Excerpt
Attachment I – Phase II Subsurface Investigation
Attachment J – Freeway Footings
Attachment K – Prevailing Wage 2016 Initial Determination
Attachment L – DBE Forms
Attachment M – PERC Compliance Plan
Attachment N – Model Development Agreement
Attachment O – Model Option to Purchase
Attachment P – Park East Redevelopment Compact
Attachment Q – Broker Registration Form
ADDENDUM #1 – January 19, 2016