Connecting Milwaukee

parkeast-rengering-1The Park East Redevelopment Plan is consistent with the goals and objectives of the Milwaukee Downtown Plan and serves as the implementation tool guiding redevelopment of the area.

Gone is the physical barrier and blighting influence that was the freeway spur, separating downtown from the successful rejuvenations of historic Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Brady Street and the Hillside and Carver Park housing developments.

In its place, McKinley Avenue, an inviting six-lane, tree-lined boulevard that is conducive to a high-quality redevelopment project and improved traffic flow.  Blocks are arranged to maximize buildable land and increase access opportunities.

In short, the infrastructure provides for the highest long-term value for the downtown and surrounding areas—as well as a stronger connection with riverfront activities and those in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Today, the Park East comprises three distinct yet interrelated city districts, each with their own character and complementary mix-use guidelines:

  • McKinley Avenue District – Easy freeway access, high visibility, easily assembled larger parcels, and adjacent entertainment venues make this district conducive to corporate and multi-tenant office buildings.
  • Lower Water Street District – Characterized by a mix of activities that complement existing entertainment uses, high-level pedestrian activity, intense riverfront uses, and linkages to surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Upper Water Street District – Offers high-value, downtown residential neighborhoods, featuring a new public square and an array of mixed uses, such as live-work units, supporting retail, and entertainment activities.

The Park East Redevelopment Objectives include:

  • Promote residential and office mixed-use developments
  • Extend RiverWalk in front of the new mixed-use buildings
  • Enhance pedestrian connections across and around the river
  • Enhance the success of the Water Street entertainment venues
  • Provide urban open space

Milwaukee Downtown Plan Exec Summary Oct 2010

Redevelopment Plan Amendment No 3 & 4