Park East: The Corridor of Opportunity

The Park East is a visible, vibrant and versatile urban neighborhood adjoining Milwaukee’s central business district. Ideally positioned, with easy access to major interstate freeways, local thoroughfares, public transit and walkable neighborhoods, the Park East is one of the largest real estate and economic development projects in Milwaukee’s history.

Redeveloping the Park East has been a primary goal of Milwaukee County for years and a recent collaborative marketing effort between the County, City of Milwaukee, CARW and the WEDC has resulted in the growth of a vibrant mixed use district where formerly an elevated freeway separated Milwaukee’s neighborhoods.

The story of the Park East revitalization in Downtown Milwaukee is truly a story of perseverance, collaboration and vision to show how real estate development can help unify a city.

Purple shading in the map below delineates the prime location of Downtown Milwaukee’s Park East neighborhood.